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🔥 Chatbots are hot in 2017🔥

Since Facebook launched it's platform for developping chatbots on Messenger on April 12th, 2016 the number of developed chatbots sky rocked. Already more than 40 000 chatbots were created, and counting...

Bots are replacing apps as a way to stay in touch with customers and clients. Of the apps people are using regularly by far and away the most popular are messaging apps.

It’s ok that you don’t have an audience on Messenger yet, don’t worry. Up until now, the only thing Messenger could be used for was one-to one communication. This is changing though... 

For the first time ever, businesses and personalities can now build massive audiences on Messenger. This is enabled by a new technology, called bots, that Facebook released in April 2016.

On Facebook Messenger alone there are over 1 billion active users! Needless to say, that this is a powerful marketing and sales platform.

I bet that next year a lot of music bands and companies will have their chatbot on Messenger engaging with their fans. And you can do the same...

Being available 24/7 to have a conversation with potential and current customers in a conversational way, that's what chatbots can do for you and by you.

If you understand this opportunity, then you should immediately be shifting a ton of your focus to building an audience on Messenger (instead of Internet, social media or email)

Imagine being able to communicate, instantly, with thousands or even millions of people. Not by sharing a blog post with them, or by sending them a video, but by having one-on-one conversations with all of them at the same time (I know you may not yet be able to visualize what this looks like, but bear with me).

Because you can reach people in real-time, building an audience on Messenger is more powerful than your email list or any of your other social media accounts.

So how do you build this audience? That's what you will learn in this course.